Hearing Aid Styles and Circuits

When considering amplification, there are two aspects of the hearing aid that need to be decided. These are the Style and the Sophistication of the circuit. The Barrington Hearing Center offers a wide variety of hearing aids from many hearing aid manufacturers.



The style of the hearing aid is its appearance. There are those that sit behind the outer ear, those that sit in the bowl of the ear and those that sit deep in the ear canal. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when selecting the style of hearing aid.

  • Patient concern of detection of hearing aid.
  • Size and shape of the patient’s ear, especially for the smaller in-the-canal units.
  • Degree of hearing loss.
  • Shape of hearing loss.


To determine the best circuit, the audiologist will discuss your individual lifestyle and communication difficulties. The circuit options are presented in reference to the degree of sophistication and number of options available at each level. There are three general labels for this circuit level.

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium

Since the advent of the use of computer chips in hearing aid technology, the advancements in hearing aid technology have changed dramatically. Along with the ability to provide better understanding of speech in noisy environments, today’s most advanced circuits offer communication between the hearing aids, automatic adjustments, self-learning of settings, integrated Bluetooth, tablets, and wireless connectivity to smart phones.

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