Myths Associated With Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids:

  1. 4. If I have my hearing tested, they will only try to sell me a hearing aid.
  2. Although many individuals who are tested for hearing loss will be advised that hearing aids are their option for improving communication abilities, many times the remediation for the hearing loss is in the form of medical intervention.

  3. 5. Hearing aids amplify everything the same amount and the background noise will drive me crazy.
  4. One aspect of amplification that most new hearing aid users do not consider is the re-introduction of the sounds that have been forgotten. Once the ear and brain have adapted to these re-introduced sounds, they will begin to ignore those that are unwanted and they will become less noticeable.

    As the new hearing aid computer chip technology becomes more and more sophisticated, the background noise interference with speech becomes less and less. Modern day hearing aids are digital and offer various numbers of frequency bands that can be manipulated to amplify the weak areas of hearing as needed. Many of the manufacturers also use multiple microphones, multiple environment settings, automatic adaptation to different environments and Bluetooth to improve the speech enhancement of the hearing aids. Most research and design in the hearing aid industry is aimed at improving sound quality while decreasing hearing aid size.

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